Amber Dice


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Baltic Amber Dice with rounded corners are made in a traditional style and marked on each of its six faces with a different number (one to six) of circular patches or pits called pips. If you are looking for something different and unique then an amber dice could be such an impressive gift. The following are games which largely depend on dice: Backgammon, Balut, Catan Dice Game, Cee-lo, Chingona, Cho-han bakuchi, Cosmic Wimpout, Craps, Crown and Anchor, Dice 10000 / 5000 / 1000, Dudo, Farkle, Greed, Hazard, High Rollers, Jacquet, Kismet, Kitsune bakuchi, Kuriki, Liar’s dice, Mexico (game), Mia (game), Mr. Three, Perquackey, Phase 10 Dice, Pig, Poker dice, Ship, Captain, and Crew (a.k.a. Six Five Four), Shoot the Moons, Shut the box, Strat-O-Matic, Swipe, Tabula, The Game (Das Spiel), Three’s Out, To Court the King, Under Over, Yahtzee, Zonk For more Baltic Amber Gifts click here